MVOC (Multi-Verse Omni Codes) is the Source Code that connects us to the very core of our Being via activation and the unlocking of 50 Seals. 

The 50 Seals system, founded by Nikolaos Syrgiannis, is a contribution to spiritual growth of humanity.

The power which is released through the connection with our whole Being is massive and arises spontaneously.

The activation of our inner strength reinforces anything we wish to accomplish, in all areas of life and in a particular manner for each individual.

By unlocking the seals, we receive all knowledge derived from within. Consequently, any difficulties or obstructions in physical life are smoothened out and a flow of energy leads us to empowerment and wholeness.

MVOC is a UNIQUE approach activating Inner Knowledge and Strength, which is found in our very existence and thus guides us to our True Self. It sets us free from anything useless or incompatible with the divine plan of our Being.

The MVOC approach can be applied to all areas of life and can be followed along with any other method.

It does not replace any other method or practice but empowers it. It completes what we already know, do or believe by validating and reinforcing.

The activation of MVOC and the unlocking of the 50 seals is a specific procedure followed at one's own pace.


The Seals work for me on a spiritual level. I look at things from a different perspective. It is like when a teacher asks a question in class and a child knows the answer and is sure that it is correct but does not raise the hand daring to give the answer; just sits there expressionless lacking in determination.

The Seals make that hand go up with audacity to gain a place among the other hands and give a boost to that student to speak up loud and clear.

The Unlocking of the Seals is the key that unlocks my Soul, the Light that brings me out of my darkness!"

Mary Malli

MVOC is this power that helps me see obstacles as opportunities and difficulties as a potential to develop. It is this power that helps me see through the veils of my thoughts, everything that protected my own world up to now, and redefine, revalue, reconsider my wishes, my dos and don'ts and whatever blocked my growth.

It is my own decision to raise the anchors and free myself from anything useless, to set sail to places where my self-worth depends only on the value I give myself."

Anna I.