Sessions - Coaching

Life Coaching is a special relationship that leads to the empowerment of your ability to focus on certain areas, to make effective changes, to achieve desirable goals and to maximize success and the sense of fulfillment in life.

A Life Coach is the person who

  • focuses on YOU
  • is totally interested in sharing your dreams and expectations
  • listens without judgment and accepts you with no need to analyse or reason
  • helps you clear your goals, values and ambitions, by providing the tools to take action and help you focus on the desirable results
  • inspires you to go beyond the ordinary, to set a high bar, to lead a life to its full potential
  • is sometimes more devoted than you to pursuing your goals
  • recognizes your values, what makes you passionate, your life purpose and helps you stay on track
  • celebrates your success and gives you insight into unfortunate moments
  • listens to, not only what you say, but also reads between the lines, paying attention to the tone of your voice and any form of non-verbal communication
  • tells you bluntly what your strengths and weakness are, and what an impression you make on others
  • you talk to every week, on a regular basis so as to feel whole and a continuous growth

Life Coaching is:

The introduction

An introductory meeting, of approximately one hour, is necessary to have the chance to get acquainted and see if we are a match for coaching partnership, as the effectiveness of life coaching is based mainly on the level of rapport that is established.

The goal of life coaching relationship is to feel secure so as to be open and honest, to be encouraged to achieve his/her goals and to accept the challenge to excel oneself.

The first session

The first life coaching session usually lasts for two hours. We look into your course of life so far. We both get clear on 'where you are now' and 'where you are headed'. We examine each area of your life, your values, your core beliefs, your aspirations, your habits and anything you wish to focus on, in the first place.

Finally, we agree on our coaching partnership method. If you live in Attiki, sessions in person are preferable. If you live elsewhere, we can have distant sessions via Skype or phone.

The continuation

Working together for at least three months is essential, as a life coaching relationship grows with time. Even though a lot is accomplished even by the first session, time allows you to adopt and acquire new habits, to wake up to your pursuits, to delve into your goals and to fulfill your action plans.

These three months enable the life coaching relationship to delve into the 'pros' and 'cons' of your life. And there are times when the achievement of your initial goals and pursuits is nothing but the beginning of creating and realizing the kind of life you truly desire.