SILENCE Reflections

Allow Silence to show you the way to the deeper paths of your Self...
Where all your Power, Emotion and Truth are hidden.

In the summer of 2015, I had my first encounter with Silence. It was then, during those first hours, that I wrote: "From within the Silence I can hear my soul..."

Only a few days after my return from the Silence, I was ready for the big change. I didn't know what this change would be or how it would come about. But what I felt, was that I needed it. It had to happen. The silence helped me come to this realization, it prepared me. It gave me the clarity and inner strength to follow my ROUTE.

Three months later, the "ROUTE to your true self"....was created. The "ROUTE"... two life changing days.

And six months after the Silence, every single thing in my life changed. I was a whole new me. Evangelia was born once again.

From within my silence.... I heard my TRUE SELF!

Join me at an amazing venue for three days and surrender yourself to the World of your Silence! Experience...

3-day Silence Retreat
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