• Whatever dietary programme or workout plan you are following.
  • No matter what physical condition you are in.
  • Whatever goal you have.
  • No matter how many times you have tried
  • No matter how much you wonder if you will be able to maintain the results you have already accomplished.

What we basically need to find and reconsider, is our own relationship with our body, our relationship with food or working out, our relationship with ourselves.

Keep on following the programme you have already chosen or choose whichever feels more appropriate for you.

SLIM BOOSTER is not a Dietary programme, it is not a Diet, it is not a Workout.
It is the RELATIONSHIP we have with our body, food, workout, ourselves.

It reinforces and supports any diet and work out programme we are already following or want to follow and helps us maintain the outcome.

This is achieved through EVIsystem: We acknowledge, accept, approve and transform any cause that has led us to the relationship we have with our body, food or workout no matter if the issue is chronic or temporary.

SLIM BOOSTER leads to our empowerment, so that we find inner motive and a whole different way of thinking and dealing with the issue of Body, Food, Workout.

SLIM BOOSTER turns us into an ally of Ourselves!!!

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