December 2017

►Never had I imagined that a "route" would have been engraved on my mind and soul.... That it would change my way of thinking and it would lead me to new paths beyond the mind and into the heart which was, up until then, a chamber beyond reach. Now I have grasped the words of the little prince,"Only through the eyes of the heart, can you see clearly" 
AND YES..... Now I want to see and live MEANINGFULLY.
Xanthi B.

► A wonderful route with wonderful people! Sessions that awaken beautiful authentic emotions!
Thank you Evi for this weekend and all of my inner workings!
Despoina D.

►An amazing, unique weekend of getting acquainted with aspects of myself. With knowledge, humour, sharing, truth and lots of love. Miracles have been happening throughout my life, thank you for all the help. Love, truth and offering change my whole reality.
Chrysanna P.

► Intense experience, intense energies. A strong push-nudge to awakening and self-growth. 
Thank you, I'm so glad I met you and all those sweet people I get acquainted with every time!
Natasa S.

► Lovely seminar. Wonderful knowledge. The most important part was the personal experience of the meditations and the feeling they left you with.
Thank you...
Emmanouel I.

► Very intense weekend. Many realisations, strong emotions. One of the best experiences. Evi, thank you.
Xenia P.

► It's really inconceivable how the souls of people unite to create a huge ball of fire that can flood with warmth the whole world. I thank Evi for this amazing - blessed weekend.
Rita P.

► I truly felt lots of special powerful emotions that I had never felt before. I am grateful I met you and you show me the path I will follow alone...I have always been alone anyway. But now I have met a lot of people with similar quests. Because of this seminar, I feel so strong and ready to move on and offer to anyone in need.
Thank you... I love you.
Nasia R.

► This weekend was totally remarkable and captivating. By the end of Sunday even though I felt so tired, I was yearning for a bit more. Evi keep up the superb work. Thank you so much for everything. 
Kosmas F.

► Wow! I think that says it all! It has been a wonderful weekend, such an overwhelming experience. The energy was so intense and deep that it genuinely fascinated me. You offered me so much food for thought. So much pain has come out of this, but it's time to relieve it. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything. I wish you and your family lots and lots of love. 
Stavroula A.

► All along you thought you knew quite a lot about life and that rational thinking had accompanied you in difficult paths. After this experiential journey, you feel you knew nothing at all and you are sincerely reborn! 
With immense love to Evi.
Dimitris B.

► My experience at the Route this weekend was intense. I feel ready, blessed and grateful for being part of it. Everything around me is so clear. As if, all my senses have sharpened.
Thank you!!!
Konstantina V.

► A weekend of deep revelations that came out with serenity and full acceptance.
Thank you very much and I love you.
Katerina A.

► The journey to find our true self has begun. I trust that you will help us get far as possible. Thank you! 
Lia A.

► It was exhilarating with a lot of positive energy that helped me get closer to everyone and as a result closer to me and those I truly love. I am grateful I met Evi. 
Thank you so much Evi. I hope you never change and you will always be there to help us and anyone else in need!!
Amanda R.

► A step closer to myself! 
Thank you very much!
Simone S.

► I am grateful for this wonderful route to my true self. I most sincerely thank you Evi, because along my route you are by my side.
Elisavet B.

► I feel very lucky I met you Evi!
I love you!!!
Alexandra S.

► Amazing experience! Wonderful and powerful emotions! I feel fabulous!!!!
Thank you!!!
Barbara S.

► Revealing, intense, luminous! Thank you very much for the route towards my true self, Evi!!
Aggeliki D.

► A magical world appears before your eyes. A world where you meet your true self. A blessing to us all. 
Eleni B.

February 2017 - London

►Journey to the core of the soul, in search of balance and creative rebirth of the Self.
Virginia B.

►Today's route was by far the most exhausting, insightful, full of surprises concerning who we've been since kids, how we've been influenced in our life and how we can actually change that. But it was mainly a revelation of how easy or not it is to feel and send gratitude, forgiveness and love to others, especially to yourself. Thank you very much!
Lia A.

►Today I went on a journey, a gift to myself. Evi, thank you for your contribution along this wonderful journey of love!
Tonia P.

► Thank you very much for the beautiful day! It was an eye opening and it gave me the time and space to think about things I was leaving behind for a long time! I feel lighter than before! Lana H.

►Once more, another earthshaking experience. Intense recollections, with such an impact on my life up to now. 
Revealing journey, with lots of love.
Thanks again, my dear Evi.
Katerina A.

June 2017 - Thessaloniki

►Never had I imagined that somebody could touch you so much without actually laying a hand on you!
Maria A.

► An impressive seminar in pursuit of your inner and higher self. Amazing experience. Thank you Evi, for all the energy channeled into me. Thank you for your guidance along the path of acknowledging and accepting my emotions. 
Thank you for the fresh start in Life!
Stamatis A.

►I feel this Route came into my life at quite a mature point of my self-growth. With great pleasure, I will be leaving brand new after this eye opening seminar! Thank you very much. I love you so much. 
Katerina A.

April 2016

► Love is the most significant, precious feeling in the whole world. Throughout the years, I had been trying to find it, knowing that it was hidden somewhere within me. With your help, my experiences and lessons learnt, I have started feeling love, being rejuvenated and reborn. I am grateful for everything.
Thank you!
Maria G.

Thank you!!!
Eleni K.

►It was the best and most genuine thing I have ever done for myself! Thank you for this wonderful journey to myself. I wish for the 'arrival' to this state, to never come to an end. I love you Evi and thank you for showing me how to share and how to deal with this whole part of myself!
Rena A.

►[...] A lot of questions were answered, I set myself free, I acknowledged matters concerning me, my child, many situations in my life. I found out a different way of thinking. [...] I relaxed, cried, felt deeply, laughed... Each time I get farther down my path.
Vicky Z.

October 2015

►My instinct told me to travel so as to attend one of your seminars and finally I was led to amazing paths of the Mind with your guidance and your precious energy! You helped release my energy and draw in anything beneficial and useful to me, so that I too can help others set off and complete this journey towards their dreams!
Thank you!
I love you very much!
Elena K.

► [...] I am glad I chose to participate in this interactive seminar. I was dumbfounded from the first minute. The teachings and the "ROUTE" itself helped me in only two days to understand myself a little bit more, to detach from things that kept me back, to free myself, to feel that I love me a little bit more and commit to myself that I can and will, create for me a better-wonderful life. [...]
Sofia A.

► My first experience of this kind of seminar. I really wanted to attend because I thought it could be helpful. Finally, apart from helpful, it was ASTOUNDING, LIFE-CHANGING, DIVINE, ENCHANTING!!! I came with great joy that I was doing something for myself which I deserved and needed. I left filled with joy, gratitude, love, cleansing, light! I left changed, more liberated, more MYSELF, more tranquil to continue with life. Thank you so much Evi (my namesake!) for being you and giving to others!! Go on like this... leading yourself and US to happiness!!! 
A Bientot!
Evi V.

►Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 
Thank you for guiding me and standing by my side along the Route to my True Self.
Mary P.

►A trip, an "outing" as you described it! With travel companions joyful souls, carefree or not, each feeling at ease with the other without judgement or envy, even the slightest. Without names, identity, age, matter. Having as common destination individual happiness, arrival to each one's own truth. 
Actually, the literal meaning of the word aletheia (truth in Greek) is the state of not being forgetful! It means recalling what I have forgotten.
Thank you!
Kallisti L.

►A truly earthshaking experience that I cannot easily put in words. 
I saw and experienced things and situations that I had buried deep within me. I know that after this I am nothing like what I used to be [...] 
I acknowledged and understood a lot of 'whys' that were troubling me over the years, made me sad and certainly kept me back. I feel so happy and ready for the upcoming changes in my life. 
Katerina A.