The Core of Existence.
The Beginning... The Evolution... The Integration.
The One.

The Connection with the Core of Existence
is the Connection with the Self.
The same Code. The Source.
The Cosmic Source.

The Core of the Cosmic Source.

The Core of YOUR Being.
Your Core.


The knowledge of all this information, the Code, is accomplished by activating five pillars. 


And the establishment on a physical level is carried out through the strengthening of 15 Protection Shields.

15 Shields

As a result, we experience the following:

• Esoteric Power

• Inner Knowledge

• Coordination with Internal Flow.

• High Vibration.

• Expanded Consciousness.

On a physical level:

• Immediate Change

• New way of Perception

• Acceptance and Truth

• Inner Balance and Empowerment

• Clarity and Coordination

• Enhancement to every level of Life

• Love and Freedom

• Integration

The fixed Towers (pillars) of your Being and the invisible Protection Shields
create the Connection framework with your Core.

Security and Empowerment through your Core supports you and helps you manifest
your Inner Strength to the outside in every area of your life.

You experience self-evolution and self-realization.
















•Esoteric Power







The CCC Energy approach and the TOWERS & Shields system

 is exclusive to Evangelia Zouroudi.

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"The Tower is the contact with yourself. It is the search for your inner knowledge and your placement in space and time.
Through the Tower, you define and liberate yourself at the same time.
In short, you redefine and place yourself on a new basis (your real axis), which helps you find answers to questions and concerns about your existence.
Who am I, why have I come into this life, and where do I need to go?"

Maria Th.