EVhealing means I discover myself.
It means I see things in a new way, I realize truths,
I connect with Myself.
It means my life is changed!
Get to know and experience this unique approach!
to feel, to realize, to accept, to think, to love, to release, to discover, to reconnect, to expand, to be you.


EV healing is a healing approach based on recognising, approving and accepting our emotions to discover all the parts of ourselves, embrace them and reconcile with them.

 We acquire a new way of dealing with the situations of our life to redefine them and live our life full of meaning.

The EVhealing method is the result of my long journey and accumulated experience,
•since 1987, in the field of Education and Human Resources Management,
•since 2000, in the field of personal development, positive thinking and practical NLP,
but mainly,
• since 2010, in the field of internal Empowerment, Energy healing, live seminars and my close connection with people.

Studying many methods, I have selected elements of leading Masters, Healers, Psychotherapists and Psychologists and combined them with my knowledge, life experience and intuitive ability. As a result, I have created a practical and effective method, the EVhealing.

Hundreds of people have seen their lives transformed.

Within Zouroudi Academy, the EVhealing method is taught and transmitted to Therapists, Coaches, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, and Educators so that they can incorporate it or use it as an additional approach in their own work.

It includes theory and practical training and consists of 2 levels: Basic and Master.

In addition, support and retraining are ongoing, as the EVhealing method is alive, dynamic and ever-evolving just as humans live, change and evolve.

The EVhealing method is enhanced and combined with all the other teachings of the Zouroudi Academy.

To EVhealing SCHOOL consists of 2 COURSES:


The BASIC level is the basis of training in the EV healing Method.
For the MASTER level, the BASIC level is a prerequisite.


The BASIC level is the basis of training in the EVhealing Method.
Includes Theory (Explanation) and Practice.
It provides the basic principles so that one can safely use the Method and become if desired, a Certified EVhealing BASIC PRACTITIONER ®


For the MASTER level, the BASIC level needs to have been preceded and completed.

It includes Theory (Explanation) and Practice.
It provides all the material that complements the Method. The EVhealing Method is covered in depth and across various cases through exemplary teaching and guidance.
Completing the MASTER level successfully implies the possibility of
Certification in EVhealing MASTER PRACTITIONER ®.