I am learning
to be born
each and every moment…

I was born to learn to be born.
To be born Each and Every Moment.
To be my True Self at all times.
Just like the moment I was born.
Before I formed an identity…
I'm still learning!

Evi Zouroudi is an Inner Empowerment Teacher and Author.

She was born and raised in Nikaia, Attica and lives in Glyfada. She studied at the Athens University of Economics and holds a Master's (MBA) in Business Administration from Aston University, England.
He worked in the field of Business, managing educational organizations with great success.
In 2001 she started her journey in the inner search and empowerment world.
Her life's purpose is to help and guide people to reconnect and reconcile with their true selves.
Her simple way of communicating, her insight, her healing energy, her scientific background, and her authentic approach effectively and pleasantly guide people to realize their personal power and live a life full of meaning.
Provides one-on-one sessions, interactive seminars and courses.
She has developed a unique approach, THE ROUTE, and her EVhealing system.
He has written the books: "REFLECTIONS AND FEELINGS", "INNER VOICE" and "LIVE!" which have also been translated into English.

  • CosmoEnergy Leading Progressor Teacher & Healer
  • NLP, Timeline Therapy® & Hypnosis Master Practitioner
  • Progressor Zoroastrianism Healer & Teacher
  • New Paradigm MTD® Master Teacher
  • Healer of the Body Mirror System of Healing and Self-Knowledge
  • Certified Spirit Guide Coach
  • BA Economics, Athens Economics University
  • MBA Master in Business Administration, Aston University, Birmingham UK