In 2001, an endless journey began into the wonderful
world of self-inquiry, shifting, self-knowledge, personal
growth, the true meaning of life and love.

I have been deeply involved in all these issues by
attending a variety of seminars, reading countless books
and studying alongside significant Teachers.

Through my manner of working, I manage to contribute
positively to the improvement of the personal and
professional lives of people, which is my life mission.

I follow the unique approach EVhealing through
which I help people connect and reconcile with their
Authentic Self!

Thank you


Esoteric Empowerment Teacher • Author

  • CosmoEnergy Leading Progressor Teacher & Healer
  • NLP, Timeline Therapy® & Hypnosis Master Practitioner
  • Progressor Zoroastrianism Healer & Teacher
  • New Paradigm MTD® Master Teacher
  • Healer of the Body Mirror System of Healing and Self-Knowledge
  • Certified Spirit Guide Coach
  • BA Economics
  • MBA Master in Business Administration

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