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Athens - Thessaloniki - Cyprus - London - Munich

The ROUTE - The Seminar

The ROUTE to your True Self

A unique Interactive Seminar of Introspection, Meditation and substantial communication based on my homonymous Approach "THE ROUTE"
Along the ROUTE, through interactive speaking and healing meditations, you release yourself from all emotional blockages, negative programming, restrictive beliefs, fears, attachments, bad habits and physical symptoms. You manage to discover, accept and love yourself. 

This is more than enough to see your life transform into a miracle!

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Energetic Goal Manifestation

3 life-changing hours! An outstanding new way to make your dream come true!

Through energy meditation, we transform our way towards our goal into a pleasant journey, our effort into guidance ...

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Cosmoenergy Masterclass 

A special Workshop addressed to those initiated into one or more Channels of Cosmoenergy.

The Workshop includes:

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Interactive Seminar

SHAMBALLA is the energy of Love. Self-love, inner connection with all creation, release from anything in the way of knowledge and gaining strength and self-empowerment.

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Abundance is the state in which we experience, enjoy and savour everything we need, even though we usually relate it to material goods or money. This is a state we can all experience.

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