The Route - The SEMINAR

An Interactive Seminar
of Inner Search, Meditation and meaningful communication

"The ROUTE" Seminar is based on Evi Zouroudi's homonymous Method

The ROUTE is revelatory, unique, transformative. Each of us is at a different point of it.
This ROUTE has no beginning and no end. It's just that at some point in your life you realize it's starting, when it's already started. And this moment is when you say 'enough is enough'. And that 'enough is enough' can be about your own inner search to find essential truths, or it can be caused by an event or situation in your life that makes you feel like you can't handle your emotions or that you don't recognize yourself you now, who are in pain, who wonder 'how could this have happened to me' or 'who am I... what am I doing'. It is at this point that you feel the need to change or rather to find yourself again.
This moment has come for you.
Your Journey has already begun because quite simply, you are reading what you are reading right now. If it didn't concern you, you wouldn't be reading it, even if inside you say no, it doesn't concern me. I'm reading out of curiosity. 'I've figured it out with myself' or 'I don't care' or 'I know these things'.
That's what I was saying too.
Until I said 'enough'.
Until I discovered me. Until I stopped making excuses, embellishing and resisting.
And I started this wonderful Journey, the ROUTE... my ROUTE.