No matter what your goal is, working off some weight, getting a
promotion or finding a job, moving house, meeting the ideal
companion, creating a wonderful relationship, improving our health
or travelling all over the world, there is only ONE way!
Tuning to the vibration of our goal, to what we really want to bring
into our life.
That's what we ACCOMPLISH at «Goal Manifestation» and what
CHANGES our life!

A radically new 3-hour


Seminar with EVI ZOUROUDI

We achieve our Goal WITHOUT setting a Goal.

We understand what this means and how we do it.

Through energy meditation, we transform our way towards our goal into a pleasant journey, our effort into guidance, the uncertainty into power, and time into an ally...
We experience the energy of success!
Your dreams create your REALITY!
"We attract what we are and not necessarily what we want into our lives,"
During this 3-hour workshop, we are tuned to the vibration of our Goal so as to attract and manifest it in our everyday life.
We accomplish this through
• Meditation for releasing our limiting beliefs, fears, emotional blockages,
attachments or obsessions.
• Meditation for tuning to our goal and activating it.
• A detailed explanation of a different approach to the Law of Attraction.

At the end of the 3-hour workshop, we are in tune with our goal, and we experience the
feelings of already having what we want in our life.
Before long, our goal becomes our new reality.
Our dreams create our REALITY!